2020 RRC: A Virtual Event

Calling all Equestrians!

We are excited to announce that the fourth annual Real Rider Cup will be held this year as a “virtual” event.

We have added a convenient registration button (below) for you to submit your application.

In order to compete you must ride a Thoroughbred that has raced at least once.

Name an owner/sponsor and wear the racing silks of your owner while jumping the course.

You will commit to raising a minimum of $1,000.00 – this can be done with personal checks, cash or on this site through the DONATE button.

Once committed we will build your page which will include your bio, the name of your horse and owner/sponsor and your “sales pitch” (why you are doing this and why you should be awarded  the 2020 REAL RIDER CUP)

A professional show jumping coach has designed a course which has specific measurements indicating jump heights and distance between fences. The course diagram will be shared with everyone. *NOTE: As this is not a live event, these rounds will NOT be timed.

Some of you have the ability to video your round at the place you normally ride. Alternatively, we hope to provide locations in MD/PA/KY/NY/CA (we are working on that!) if contestants do not have a facility to do this independently. Each rider will provide a video, to us,  of themselves jumping this course, along with a biography video introducing themselves and their horse.

Each jumping round and bio video will be posted/shared via the RRC website, Facebook and Twitter page. We will determine and advise the date by which all videos must be completed and submitted to the RRC committee. With sales and racing dates changing all the time, this format will allow our competitors to ride the show jumping course in their own time.

As in prior years, most of the fundraising is done before the event – The votes will be counted and the winner decided on October 24th. **** NOTE each rider must raise a minimum of $1000 and jump the ACTUAL course posted to be eligible for voting.

In order to make the largest impact, we will seek coverage in news publications and networks so we can reach a larger audience.  Each year the interest has grown, and hopefully this year will be bigger than ever.

Click here to register for this exciting event!