2023 RRC Lexington Riders

#6 Aaron Gryder

Aaron is a highly respected retired jockey with over 4,000 wins worldwide including the Dubai World Cup (2009) and the Breeders' Cup Marathon (2012). In addition to his decades long career as a professional athlete, Gryder has worked as an

Total Donation: $1636.11

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#17 Aisling Carroll

Aisling grew up on the backside of Churchill Downs as the daughter of racehorse trainers David and Kim Carroll. Developing an avid love for racing and horses in general has led her to pursuing opportunities in racing and Eventing alike.

Total Donation: $1940

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#7 Anne Czerwonka

As a Kentucky native, I have always been super supportive of the thoroughbred industry. When it came time to purchase my first horse, an off track thoroughbred was the obvious choice and I’ve now been lucky enough to have three

Total Donation: $1300

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#1 Aurea Dove

Raised about fifteen minutes outside Lexington Kentucky, horses have always been a part of my life! My mom, Lark Carroll, and grandmother, Klo Carroll, are both veterinarians, but my mom does equine chiropractic and acupuncture work as well. My grandfather,

Total Donation: $17775

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#22 Brooke Baker

Hello , my name is Brooke Baker. My husband Rodolphe Brisset and I have a racing stable and a breeding farm in Versailles. We are very active in the second careers in our TBs. I have a background in eventing

Total Donation: $3125

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#14 Erin Strader

Erin is an upper level event rider and trainer located in lexington, KY. She spent almost two years as head trainer/barn manager at the Secretariat Center in Lexington where she helped rehome over 80 thoroughbreds. Erin also spent 5 years

Total Donation: $1200

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#4 Hanley Broadus

Being born into the heart of horse racing, thoroughbreds on and off the track have always been a part of my every day life. Friends at school would always tell me how cool it is that I got to go

Total Donation: $3045

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#9 Jenn O'Neill

I grew up fascinated by horses. Though I didn't own my own horse as a teen, I was lucky enough to have friends who allowed me to ride theirs. I fell in love with thoroughbreds and acquired my first OTTB

Total Donation: $1250

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#2 Jenna Gere

In second grade, I took my first riding lesson and very quickly realized the barn is exactly where I wanted to be. I grew up in Syracuse, NY riding hunters, equitation, and saddleseat at Denise Vespa Stables. There aren’t many

Total Donation: $1391

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#11 Jennifer Reisenbichler

I have been horse crazy since the day I was born and moving to Kentucky in 2018 has turned it into a full blown addiction! I primarily compete in Eventing (on Thoroughbreds, of course) and have ridden thru the Preliminary

Total Donation: $2000

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#12 Jesslyn Woodall

If someone mentions the color Teal and you've met me, you immediately think of me. I grew up in Georgetown riding in 4-H and pony club, was a vet tech and then began galloping racehorses. I typically have 1 personnel

Total Donation: $1600

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#5 Jhett Jenkins

I've ridden for as long as I can remember and have always had an appreciation for thoroughbreds. I am lucky to currently be working for Jenn O'Neill where we focus a lot of our time on taking thoroughbreds off the

Total Donation: $1130

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#18 Jocelyn Brooks

Jocelyn Brooks is Director of Bloodstock for Boardshorts Racing. Jocelyn has competed in the Real Rider cup representing both previous employers; Sagamore Farm and Airdrie Stud. Jocelyn & Perpetual Optimism have also competed in both Maryland and Kentucky events. As

Total Donation: $1965

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#16 Jordan Thompson

Originally from Canada, I moved to the United States to pursue a career in horses. Formally a 3 day Eventer competing up to the 4* level, my interest switched to racehorses and I am now an assistant trainer at Keeneland

Total Donation: $1075

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#25 Kara Lee

I grew up not far from Churchill Downs and quickly developed a love for the horses. Although I didn't start riding consistently until college, horses consumed my life. I adopted my first horse off the track at the age of

Total Donation: $1495

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#24 Keira Nygaard

Hello, I’m Keira. I am a 15-year-old junior rider from San Diego, California. I compete in the 1.0 meter jumpers with my warmblood, and the 2’6” hunters and .90 jumpers with my two OTTBs. I will be competing on Judge

Total Donation: $3400

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#10 Louise Gillam

After years of working in different parts of the Thoroughbred Industry all over the world, I am excited for the opportunity to give a little back to the horses that make it all possible! Wicked Worry and I have been

Total Donation: $1695

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#26 Lucy Burnett

Lucy Burnett is a Kentucky native that shares the January 1st birthday with our beloved Thoroughbred horses. She grew up riding many off the track horses and currently competes her OTTB in Eventing. Lucy’s passion for riding led her to

Total Donation: $1640

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#15 Madison Scott

Madison grew up in Austin, Texas and fell in love with racing when Smarty Jones was making his bid for the Triple Crown in 2004. She attended the University of Kentucky and was accepted to the Godolphin Flying Start program

Total Donation: $3113.54

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#8 Marina Cable

Horses have been my passion since I was a kid. Growing up in New Jersey I did anything and everything I could to get saddle time and worked to purchase my first horse in high school. I competed as much

Total Donation: $325

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#19 Mary Motion

Mary grew up in Middleburg, Virginia fox hunting and horse showing before discovering her love of racing through her family. She competed as an amateur steeplechase jockey before traveling to England, Australia, and New Zealand working for top trainers. She

Total Donation: $2283

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#13 Natasia Lind

Coming from Denmark, I’ve been obsessed with horses my entire life, but I was not introduced to the racing industry until my senior year of college. Slowly, but surely, while working in several areas of horse racing, I fell in

Total Donation: $1900

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#20 Nicole Cohen

Born in Fort Lauderdale Florida, I grew up riding and competing in numerous competitions with my off the track thoroughbred that I trained to be a hunter/jumper. In addition to the different shows I competed in, I also grew up

Total Donation: $1815

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#3 Rebecca Maker

From the show ring to the racetrack and back again, Thoroughbreds have been a constant in Rebecca Maker’s life, and she feels it as both a responsibility and an honor to give back to the breed that has given her

Total Donation: $8525

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#21 Sergio de Sousa

Sergio was born In Sao Paulo/Brazil and moved to Kentucky in 1987. He was fortunate to meet and work for people that encouraged him to travel the world while working with horses. He settled back in Kentucky where he is

Total Donation: $3940

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#23 Sophie Doyle

I began my love of horses in the show ring as a young child, but as my mother Jacqueline trained Thoroughbreds, at the age of 11, I switched from ponies to the Thoroughbreds and spent 15 years as a professional

Total Donation: $2000

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