Mr. Bowie | Beth Secor

“I received a phone call last year from Paddy Nielson saying that he wanted me to have Whitey. As everyone knows Paddy was a legend in the horse world and I had the honor of hunting alongside him since 2003. The best horse I’ve ever ridden came from him. That alone is enough but I watched him make up and cross the country on Whitey for a few years. It was and is an honor to ride him and pretty emotional to say the least!! That was the last time I spoke to Paddy!! He described Whitey as the perfect hunter which is true but not for every rider.. he’s needs to be first but that’s fine with me!! I’m just trying not to mess him up!!” – Ivan Dowling, Huntsman for Mr. Stewart’s Cheshire Hounds

Mr. Bowie

Gray/Roan Gelding, 22 April 2005
Alphabet Soup – Bootsiebluebear, by Nepal
Bred by John Nash
29 – 6 – 2 – 2  $162,878

Beth Secor

Beth Secor has the unique ability to capture the personality and soul of the animals she paints. Beth’s style ranges from traditional portrait to truly whimsical personifications of your beloved animal. Beth’s strength is to do personalized scenes, of your passions in life on canvas or furniture, with a touch of humor. Beth lives in Cochranville with her horse and two miniature donkeys and shepherds, who all do tricks! She loves teaching art to children on her lil farm.

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