Disco’s Son | Sharon Castro

“To be perfectly honest, Disco was a very fast racehorse and he never really wanted to be anything other than that. His retirement was plagued with injury issues and the fact he had the biggest, fastest spook of any horse I’d ever been on didn’t make him much fun to ride. But more than anything, Disco had a personality bigger than all his issues. He was a clown and loved to play games. We played soccer with a giant ball (took him a year to become confident the ball wasn’t going to devour him) and hide and seek. I loved him immensely and he loved me.”   – Sharon Castro.

Disco’s Son

Dark Bay Gelding, January 31, 2003
Disco Rico – Diva’s Quest, by Norquestor
Bred by Henry DiRico
17 – 5 – 1 – 2     $159,580

Sharon Castro

Sharon was born a horse crazy kid. Growing up in Connecticut with horses she bought with babysitting money, she found the world of horse racing just after high school. Here she spent many years as an exercise rider working with top trainers and riding champion horses including Cigar, Lemon Drop Kid and many others.

When her galloping career ended, her photography career began. Her work expanded the boundaries of traditional photography and developed into mixed media works and, most recently, oil painting. She owns an art gallery in Saratoga Springs where her work is displayed with approximately 25 other artists.

Current works can be seen on Facebook and Instagram at Sharon Castro Photography or her website, SharonCastroPhotography.com.