Neville Bardos | Lucinda Coldrey

“I found Neville in Australia as a 3 year old after a very unremarkable racing carrier.  After negotiating his final purchase price down to $850, I started the process of re-starting his carrier as a three day event horse. After a couple of years of training, Neville ended up being one of the best event horses in the world. This scrappy little Australian Thoroughbred took me all over the world, competing at the top level of the sport for many years. He was an absolute brilliant competitor, with the remarkable traits of the Thoroughbred horse.  He had it all, heart, desire and the will to work and win. He was definitely the horse that started my career.”   – Boyd Martin

Hurtle (AUS)  [*Jockey Club name of Neville Bardos]

Chestnut Gelding, 18 October 1999
Muhayaa (USA) – Zambia (AUS), by Zamazaan (FR)
Bred by Mr. P. Burton
9 Starts, Placed

Neville Bardos 2013 Hall Of Fame

Lucinda Coldrey

Lulu Coldrey  is a British artist specializing in wildlife art, portraiture and landscape art. Extensive study of the fine arts in Florence and in London has helped her develop her own style in a variety of mediums, from oil paints and charcoal, to watercolour and pastels.

Lulu’s work has taken her all over the world, whether for portrait commissions, landscapes or wildlife pieces. Her ability to capture the complex mixture of character, emotion, form and textures whilst connecting with the personal nature of her subject, gives Lulu’s work a unique and special quality. Her latest pieces combine the abstract shapes of nature with the grace and beauty of the animals world.