I’ve always been the crazy horse girl. Growing up with a mom who was an ottb trainer, I didn’t really have a choice! My first horse (when I was 12), was a 5 year old straight off the track. And I’ve been hooked ever since! I became obsessed with eventing after one of my friends dragged me to Kentucky to watch RK3DE. I eventually moved to Virginia, to work for a professional for 6 months. Of course, I got homesick... but I brought all of the knowledge I could back to my mom’s facility. I’ve only made it to BN so far, with sights set for at least modified. I took a break from riding for two years, when I had my son, Parker. Now I’m back at my mom’s facility (with my own little barn rat) to ride homegrown ottbs, as well as ones we’ve pulled from kill pens and auctions. We just try to do right by the breed!

Current Job: Assistant Trainer

Company: Devinwood Farms

Real Rider Cup Mount

Horse: Do the Evolution

Sex: stallion

color: Chestnut

Age: 10

Horse Barn: Pappy

Racing Stable: Devinwood Farms

Total Donations$245
Amber Rakers$50.00
Tera Barker$30.00
danielle noble$100.00
Sarah Davis$40.00
Glenn Lane$25