Being born into the heart of horse racing, thoroughbreds on and off the track have always been a part of my every day life. Friends at school would always tell me how cool it is that I got to go to the famous “ChurchillDowns“ all the time. I never thought anything of it, it was just normal to go spend time with my dad while he shod horses. I fell in love with all horses at a very young age, and would ride my mom’s OTTB Livingston before having my own pony at just two years old. I have been privileged to participate in a wide variety of horse sports from, fox hunting, hunter/jumpers, colt starting, pony racing, all the way to combined driving. After being exposed to so many disciplines it is Eventing that has become my passion. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to train with Rosie Napravnick and be surrounded by thoroughbreds starting their new careers. I am also a member of Bluegrass Pony Club and Long Run Woodford Hounds. I am super excited to be able to compete for a good cause!

Current Job: Student

Company: Rebecca Maker Rehab

Real Rider Cup Mount

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: Rebecca Maker Rehab

Total Donations$3045
Kimberly Allday$500
Cil Knight$100.00
Nikki Pumps$500
Jess Harrison$25.00
Constanze COON$50
William Veith$50
Nancy Cadenhead$100
Megan Stackhouse$20.00
Valerie Nahorniak$100
Jennifer Tooley$100.00
Michelle Primm$50.00
Brooks May$50
Gina Gans$100
Eric Seto$50
James Keogh$750.00
Neil L. Pessin$500.00