Turnagain is my first horse, which I purchased in 2020 after both my parents died. I began riding as a child but never competed until I got him at 44 years old. Thoroughbreds have been a passion of mine since I was a kid and I have always followed racing closely - even using my paper route money to buy a Thoroughbred Record subscription in 5th grade. I got back into riding after an Iraq tour as an Army infantryman. Horses have provided excellent PTSD therapy for me. A few years later, I had very minor shares in some horses with fellow West Point grad Terry Finley and West Point Thoroughbreds. Turnagain and I are in our second full year of jumper shows and we are slowly getting much better. Thank you for visiting my page and for your consideration.

Current Job: Commercial Real Estate Broker

Company: Veterans Commercial Real Estate

Website: https://vcre.us/

Real Rider Cup Mount

Knights Templar Racing silks

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: TBD

Horse: Turnagain

Sex: gelding

color: Bay

Age: 8

Horse Barn: Turnagain

Total Donations$1050
Richard Nolen$100.00
Amanda DaBruzzo$100
Julie Rayfield$250.00
William Abernethy$50
Phil Rasey$350
Ingrid Keating$100.00
Sandy Hatfield$100.00