I own a small breeding farm in Kentucky with my husband and my horse in the Real Rider Cup is a homebred that we raced through her 3-year-old year. Aftercare is an important part of our racing stable and breeding operation, and we work hard to maintain knowledge of those we breed and raise. My equine partner in this event is Ava - JC name Southern Sunday. age 6. We bred our mare with high hopes to Lonhro, and when she showed us racing wasn't her thing, I brought her home to be my Event horse. As my trainer, Cathy Wieshhoff - she has spark!

Current Job: Farm Owner

Company: Cerca Trova farm

Horse: Southern Sunday

Sex: mare

color: Bay

Age: 6

Horse Barn: Ava

Racing Stable: Lone Cone Racing

Total Donations$726
Jill Pritchard$100.00
Glenn Lane$25
Jen Roytz$100
Robert Feld$100.00
Kathleen Gray$50.00
Gail Jackson$50.00
Jennifer Atkinson$25
John Tapp$50.00
lizabeth crawford$101.
Bruce Robinson$50.00
Eleanor Johnson$50.00