Jessica Paquette is a lifelong equestrian who found her real home at the racetrack. After her first job on the track as a hot walker at Rockingham Park, she worked on the mutuel line and interned in the publicity office. From there, she began an internship at Suffolk Downs and spent 13 years there - eventually becoming the Senior Vice President of Marketing and the broadcast analyst/handicapper. She was also the President of the New England Turf Writers’ Association. In 2020, she began her next venture in the horse racing industry as the Director of Operations for Trakus and enjoyed working as the broadcast analyst for Sam Houston’s 2021 season. Ten years ago, she purchased her first horse after being his biggest fan while he was on the track - What a Trippi. She brought him along as a hunter with some success in the show ring along the East Coast and he retired from his second career in 2018 to the life of leisure as her pleasure horse. In 2020, she purchased warhorse Puget Sound off the racetrack. When she isn’t at a racetrack, a horse show or the barn (which is rare), she can be found with her two English Bull Terriers and her husband on the North Shore in Massachusetts.

Current Job: Director of Communications

Company: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Real Rider Cup Mount

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Horse: Tell The Truth

Sex: gelding

color: Bay

Age: 7

Horse Barn: Baby Fluffy

Racing Stable: Suffolk Downs

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