Raised around horses with her stepdad being a farrier, Megan started riding at an early age and quickly discovered eventing was her passion. Megan has successfully grown up producing horses for the sport with a large focus on off the track thoroughbreds, as well as importing young warmbloods. Developing young horses to the top levels of the sport has not only been educational, but also makes her results more meaningful. Megan’s drive to follow her dreams put her on a path that required education under the tutelage of experienced professional equestrians. There have been many influencers along the way in Megan's career, but some key notes were working under multi-Olympic rider and coach Karen O’Connor and Pan American Silver medalist and Paralympic team coach Missy Ransehousen. Megan also continues her education riding with one of today's leading international event riders, Boyd Martin. Megan has had outstanding success on several upper level horses through the CCI*** level. Megan operates out of Twin Fox Farm located in Versailles, Kentucky and is based in Ocala, Florida for the winter months. Megan has a team of supporters behind her lovingly dubbed as "Team Have At It" based on the go get 'em attitude and support she gets from her stepdad. Her team consists of Twin Fox Farm, and her many clients, owners, and students! “I’m a true believer that we are privileged to work with these wonderful animals, and they make me strive everyday to be better for them. This isn’t just a job for me, this is something I eat breathe and sleep, it’s a lifestyle.”

Current Job: Head Trainer

Company: Team Have At It

Website: https://meganedwardseventing.com/?fbclid=IwAR0guR27C7vkWc0sAHp8iOrL2hFCEjmGisHTUQfUunCdOR4yR2l29h2Bl6M

Horse Lifetime PPs

Real Rider Cup Mount

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: Team Have At It

Horse: Kerjillion

Sex: gelding

color: Chestnut

Age: 10

Horse Barn: Team Have At It

Racing Stable: Rex Racing

Total Donations$1620
Sarah Young$50.00
Jill Stowe$10
Anastasia Curwood$25
Stuart Brown$100
Emily Brollier$100
Lesley Ward$25.00
Tracy Attfield$50
Stephanie Cauffman$50
Kristen Anderson$10.00
Jonathan smyth$250
Megan Lynn$100
Wendy Spencer$25.00
Jon and Christine Siegel$500
Bob and Cindy Lynn$100.00
james Rauch$25.00
Mary Fike$100.00