I first met Naki in 2019 and it was love at first sight. He retired from racing in 2021 and I was finally able to bring him home. He is your typical frat boy, starting shenanigans with his ‘bros’ and sassing me. Naki spends most of his time going on paperchases and generally making me laugh. We’re both super excited to jump some things and raise money for our favorite breed!

Current Job: Veterinarian Technician

Company: Sports Medicine Associates of Chester County

Horse Lifetime PPs

Real Rider Cup Mount

RRC Fair Hill Event:

Team Name: Team SMACC Down

Horse: Nakamura

Sex: gelding

color: Bay

Age: 8

Horse Barn: Naki

Racing Stable: Herringswell Stable

Total Donations$6000
Stuart Grant$200
Craig Wacker$50.00
Boehringer-Ingelheim SMACC$250
Evie Dutton$25.00
Jim Bergen$200.00
Eddie Graham$100
Mary Beth Heiser$50.00
Jennifer Webster$25
Caroline & Greg Bentley$1000.00
Michael Bucklin$100
Tracy Attfield$100
Niall Saville$100.00
Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center $250.00
Amy Hnetinka$25.00
Keri Brion$100
Lisa Sarosky$25
Jenna Ennis$50
Traci Bressler$200.00
Buddy Jones$250
John Crager$100
Will Crager$1250
Sports Medicine Associates $200
Ian Wilson$200
Taryn & Josh Robitzer$250.00
Philip H Gardner$300.00
Brandon Ruiz$100.00
Conner B$50.00
Eñizabeth Hedley$100.00
Lauren Perry$40
Naki Himself$100.00
Liz and John Mitchell$60
Stephanie Sinson$25
Kevin Lindecamp$25
Eddie Graham$100