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All donations in support of the Real Rider Cup are processed via the Retired Racehorse Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Donation acknowledgements will be issued via the Retired Racehorse Project. Proceeds from the event are distributed between the RRP, New Vocations, and Fair Hill Thoroughbred Show, all of which are 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

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Total 2021 Donations to date: $50948
Alexandra Beckstett and Icarius
Total Donations $1005
Ashley Watts and Street Art (Ky)
Total Donations $1305
Aaron Gryder and Sligovitz (ON)
Total Donations $3090
April Keedian and Right Minded
Total Donations $1194
Ashley Emig and Do the Evolution
Total Donations $245
Ashley Stump and Golden Giant
Total Donations $100
Aubrey Graham and Western Ridge
Total Donations $2830
Patricia Clemens and Master Manipulator
Total Donations $1525
Charlotte Krebs and California Cruizin’
Total Donations $225
Ferrin Peterson and All the Way Jose
Total Donations $3450
Sergio de Sousa and Isle Of Giants
Total Donations $1100
Jordan Sigmon and Barry Lee
Total Donations $1525
Jill Pritchard and Southern Sunday
Total Donations $1474
Jenny McGaughey and Bourbon Happens
Total Donations $1080
Jessica Paquette and Tell The Truth
Total Donations $4115
Keira Nygaard and Arkenstone
Total Donations $9560
Mary Motion and Rafting
Total Donations $750
Natalie Huso and Weekend Delight
Total Donations $1280
Penelope Miller and Icabad Crane
Total Donations $7550
Sophie Doyle and JazNtap
Total Donations $900
Sharon Dominguez and Bachelornumberone
Total Donations $4410
Tabatha Gourvenec and Heez A Star
Total Donations $200
Tamara Housel and Sorry Charlie
Total Donations $1125
General Donation
Total Donations $910
Total: $0.00