Heartfelt Message From Joanna Crane

I am rising after a restless night to a living nightmare, facing the aftermath of one of my biggest fears in life.  I have never dreaded a new day until now.

My broken heart mourns for the horses we lost yesterday afternoon.   Please lift them up in prayer.  Please pray for a successful recovery of the surviving horses.

My broken heart aches for Clovis and Amara who were first to the barn and made a valiant effort to save the horses from the inferno before the flames became too hot. Please pray for strength for them.

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My broken heart cries for Dalia and Rosey.  Rosey alerted Clovis and Amara to the fire after she went outside to see why the dogs were barking and saw the fire.  Dalia stood by and watched in horror as this tragedy unfolded.  She helped when she could by finding lead ropes and halters from the other barn. Please pray for peace for them.   Coy and I were at the hospital when the fire was discovered. He broke his thumb at a wrestling tournament yesterday and we had just been discharged when I got the call. It took us about 45 minutes to get out of the hospital and home and I could see the smoke all the way from Hershey.

My broken heart rejoices and thanks God that my family is safe. I am brought to my knees knowing that this could have been so much worse. Please pray for our family as we navigate this difficult road ahead.     

My broken heart is overflowing with gratitude for our community who came together to help us yesterday.

To the volunteer firefighters, good samaritans, neighbors and  friends who came to help, I thank you.  Your actions are a true testament to your character and I feel so blessed to know that we are surrounded by so many good people.

To our family and friends who dropped everything to be here to ensure my family was safe, comfort my children, and stand by our side during this nightmare, I will be forever grateful. I love you all. Thank you.   

To the horse and farming community near and far.  You are an amazing group. Thank you for reaching out, sending condolences and for the countless offers of help and support in all shapes and sizes.  I have no doubt that we will needing help as we have lost almost everything as this barn housed all of our tack, equipment, supplies, tools, and the list goes on and on.   

Please. Hug your loved ones (furry ones included) a little extra today. And donate to your local volunteer fire company.

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