Raised about fifteen minutes outside Lexington Kentucky, horses have always been a part of my life! My mom, Lark Carroll, and grandmother, Klo Carroll, are both veterinarians, but my mom does equine chiropractic and acupuncture work as well. My grandfather, Del Carroll, was a thoroughbred trainer and in the hall of fame polo player. Coming from this strong thoroughbred background, the racehorses are in my blood. When people ask me what my goal is in life, I would have to say to be as accomplished as my mom. My mom is a strong horsewoman and inspirational. Following in her footsteps to help the sporthorse and racehorse industry is my goal. OTTBs will always be there for me. So, this is my time to be there for them! My first OTTB was originally my mom’s horse. He is my heart thoroughbred. From the first moment we got Promise Me Freedom, he brought light into our barn. It inspired me to start working with him in hope that one day he would maybe be mine. I have finally achieved that goal. My next goal is to compete for sponsorships big or small to support the retired racehorse project!! I hope to beat my mom’s total from last year! Goal: $16,520. Thank you for considering a donation!

Current Job: Student

Company: Core Therapies/ Apple Ridge Farm

Horse Lifetime PPs

Real Rider Cup Mount

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: Rebecca Maker Rehab

Horse: Promise Me Freedom

Sex: gelding

color: Chestnut

Age: 11

Horse Barn: Freedom

Total Donations$17775
Carrie, Randy, Julia & Owen Gilbert$25
Core Therapies DVM PLLC$1000.00
Tanya Lobsiger$100.00
Megan Steely$50
Tory Egerton$75
Kellyn Gorder$25.00
Linda Pavey$250.00
Elizabeth Feltes$50
Bret Calhoun$50
Daniel Mallory$200.00
Mary Jo Dove$100
Gina Gans$100
Ella Penn$200
Joycalyn Wininger$100.00
Jen Brandt$25.00
Lindsey DeAngelis$25
Beth Sabor$100
Lauren Devitt$250.00
Nancy Cox$25
George Lock$50.00
Sara Wiley$50.00
Daunine Hoenemier$100.00
Cara Wright$25.00
Lindsey Reynolds$250.00
Nathan Mccauley$100
Tony Ocampo$50.00
Brandi Nicholson$100.00
Jerry Romans Jr.$100
Amanda Olds$75
Kristen Near$100.00
rey hernandez$100
Pat Hayes$50.00
Wendy Wooley$50.00
Marette Farrell$100.00
James Chambers$50
Liane Crossley$50.00
Larry Caudill$200.00
Barry Clohessy$200.00
Jennifer Tooley$100.00
Pavel Matejka$40
Orchard Park$100.00
Samantha Will$200.00
Suzi Shoemaker$150.00
Joe Morgan$150.00
Sarah Barr$50
Gretta Cozzi$100
klobia carroll$100.00
Michelle Sharp$50.00
Michelle Primm$50.00
Elaine Gish$20.00
Tiffany Gish$50.00
ouisha mckinney$30
Suzanne Watkins$50.00
Taylor Wienold$50
Rodney Mash$100.00
Lorie Hull Elverd$200.00
Jon Miller$25.00
Lisa Turney$250.00
Debbie Spike-Pierce$100
Chelsey Humphrey$150.00
danielle eppard-obert$25
Bill Casner$100.00
Kim Nardelli$500.00
Derek McIntyre$25
Jill Pritchard$25.00
Bill Casner$400.00
Fernhill Stables$150
Andrea Callanan$50
Brian Murphy$100
Adrian Regan$100.00
Hunter Watts$200
Frankfort Park Farm$100.00
Doug and Katie Cauthen$500.00
Chris Baccari$1000
Justin Watts$61
Lisa Bechtol$50
Robert Medina$250.00
Kelly Wohlers$200
John Cummins$100.00
Scott Stanley$200.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Rosilyn Polan$20.00
Meg Dumaine$500.00
Michelle Lovell$100.00
Alison Gulley$50.00
Eric and Sherri Ivanovich$500
Jennifer Buswell$30.00
James Cantrell$250
Timber Town Stable Cathy Sweezey$100.00
Dale Mallory$100.00
Maryclare Barron$100
Neil Howard$50.00
Leo and Sarah Dooley$100
John Ortiz$100.00
Mary Egerton$125.00
Tory Egerton$75
Tod Beckett$250.00
AppleRidge Farm$1060
Richard Snyder$200.00
Danielle Loya$100
Sherri Ivanovich$250
Carrie Brogden$100
Lesley Campion$200
Pat Costello$300
Traci Hughes$50
Davant Latham$50
Larkspur Carroll$439
Mike Morrison$25
Ed Vaughan$100
Jeremy Whitman$100
Joe Sharp$100
Jennifer Roytz$100
Claire Latimer$200
Neil Pessin $100
Janett Zoller$50