I grew up fascinated by horses. Though I didn't own my own horse as a teen, I was lucky enough to have friends who allowed me to ride theirs. I fell in love with thoroughbreds and acquired my first OTTB in my mid 20's. That OTTB turned out to be a super horse, Lewis and I competed in eventing through the advanced level. After starting my own training business several years ago, I've especially enjoyed bringing horses off the track and teaching them their new jobs. Thoroughbred's love to work and have given me more than I could ever ask for. I'm really excited to be competing at the Real Rider Cup this year for 1/ST RACING!

Current Job: Owner and Head Trainer

Company: Lucky Dog Eventing on behalf of 1/ST RACING

Website: https://www.luckydogeventing.com/

Horse Lifetime PPs

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: 1/ST RACING

Horse: Hang Loose

Sex: gelding

color: Bay

Age: 15

Horse Barn: Louie

Total Donations$1250
Sarah Thomas$250
Tess Utterback$100.00
Jane ONeill$100.00
Sue and John OBanion$100.00
Dionne Benson$100.00
Lisa THOMAS$100.00
Jodie Vella-Gregory$25
Mary Huntress$25.00
Marne Reed$100
Stephanie Schulenborg$50.00
Kaylee Van Winkle$50.00
elizabeth loh$50
Barb Nikolajczyk$25
Nancy Cox$25
Jennifer Roytz$100
Essie Rogers$50.00