I've ridden for as long as I can remember and have always had an appreciation for thoroughbreds. I am lucky to currently be working for Jenn O'Neill where we focus a lot of our time on taking thoroughbreds off the racetrack and starting in their second careers. Horses are my passion and my safe place, I am grateful to get to spend everyday with them. I am excited to ride in The Real Rider Cup representing 1/ST RACING as a leader in the racing industry,

Current Job: Assistant Trainer

Company: Lucky Dog Eventing on behalf of 1/ST RACING

Website: https://www.luckydogeventing.com/

Horse Lifetime PPs

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: 1/ST RACING

Horse: Playful Cat

Sex: gelding

color: Chestnut

Age: 8

Horse Barn: Rockstar Parking

Total Donations$1130
Ambree Gwynn$50.00
Tess Utterback$100.00
Elizabeth Gibson$50
Sarah Thomas$100
Bridget Jenkins$100.00
Gracie Jenkins$50.00
Dionne Benson$100.00
Jodie Vella-Gregory$25
Mary Huntress$25.00
Debbie Turri$50.00
Sarah Turri$50
Dirk Jenkins$100.00
Marcia Buckley$30
Jason Richey$100
elizabeth loh$50
Julia Bursten$50
Kerri Sweet$50.00
Reese Stanfield$50.00