Raised near FAIR HILL MD, a daughter of a veternarian and thoroughbred trainers, Del and Klobia Carroll, and an exercise rider at several MidAtlantic and Kentucky racetracks for 25+ years, Larkspur Carroll is no stranger to a thoroughbred both on and off the track! As an owner and veterinarian of CORE THERAPIES since 2008 (An equine veterinarian practice focused on chiropractic, acupuncture, and injury rehabilitation modalities), she eats, breaths, and sleeps everything thoroughbred. The devotion leaks to her homestead as Owner/operator of AppleRidge Farm - a layup/injury rehab facility for TBs. And for fun Dr. Lark is a rider/owner/competitor of OTTB eventers. The Real Rider Cup encompasses every passion known to her.

Current Job: Veterinarian

Horse Lifetime PPs

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: Rehab & Retrain

Horse: Promise Me Freedom

Sex: gelding

color: Chestnut

Age: 10

Horse Barn: AppleRidge Farm

Total Donations$16510
Larkspur Carroll$1000.00
Linda Pavey$40.00
George Lock$100
Scott Stanley$200
Lillian Suzi Shoemaker$100.00
Lindsey Reynolds$100.00
Larkspur Carroll$100
Kristen Near$200.00
Kathryn Day$400.00
Lauren Smead$100.00
Bridget McNeese$201
Amanda Olds$50.00
Kendra Herzberger$100
Barry Clohessy$100.00
Nathan Mccauley$100
Brian Murphy$100
Jill Pritchard Pritchard$50.00
Wendy Uzelac$40.00
Richard Nolen$100.00
Kathleen Paasch$100.00
Jennifer Buswell$100
Tony Ocampo$100.00
TM Snell$20
Geoff Mulcahy$100.00
Klobia Carroll$200
Jamie Bays$10.00
Brandi Nicholson$100.00
Claire Embertson$100
sally Lockhart$25
Ashley Watts$50.00
Daniel Mallory$200
Rodney Mash$100.00
ben bealmear$100
Marette Farrell$100.00
Laura Kennedy$50
Stuart Brown$100
Deborah Spike-Pierce$100.00
Jeannine Edwards$100.00
Mary Jean Hitchens$75.00
Sarah Goswell$100.00
Laura Wilhem$20.00
Barbara Nikolajczyk$50
Eric Ivanovich$500
Andrea Callanan$100
Stephen Lyster$300
Charlotte Easley$50.00
Chelsey Humphrey$100.00
Judy DeHaan$100
Shannon Sharpe$50
Alice Cohn$50.00
Wendy Spencer$25.00
Kelly Wheeler$20
Rosie Hundley$50
Tanya Lobsiger$100.00
Carrie Gilbert$25
Destin Heath$150
Ed Vaughan$200
rey hernandez$1000
Maureen Keenan$50.00
Chris Baccari$500.00
Amanda Estep$50
John Ortiz$500
Dermot Littlefield$200
Ashley Hymer$100
Andrew Howard$50
Devon Bradley$100
Emily Gruneisen$50.00
Jon Miller$10.00
Peter Conway$300
Peter Sheehan$50
Christina Welker$100.00
Danielle Obert$25.00
Anne Fraley$100.00
Larry Caudill$100.00
Ryan Mahan$200.00
Ryan Mahan$200.00
Alison Gulley$100.00
Tiffany Gish$50.00
Jennifer Brandt$25.00
Ahern Shawn Flynn$100.00
Ted Lucas$50.00
Neil Pessin$100.00
Jeremy Whitman$100
Mary catherine Sweezey$50.00
John David Christman$50
Paget Bennett$250.00
Mylor Rider$50
Brendan O Riordan$100
Katherine Cauthen$500.00
Pat Hayes$50.00
Jennifer Tooley$100.00
Dr Tod Beckett$250.00
Anonymous Anonymous$2000.00
Larkspur Carroll$489
Lorie Hull Elverd$200.00
Julie Clarke$100
James McDonald$500.00
Christopher L. Baker$250.00
Megan Steely$20
Whitney McDonald$25.00
kirsten johnson$50.00
klobia carroll$150.00
Larkspur Carroll$65