Lucy Burnett is a Kentucky native that shares the January 1st birthday with our beloved Thoroughbred horses. She grew up riding many off the track horses and currently competes her OTTB in Eventing. Lucy’s passion for riding led her to a career path as an equine bodyworker. Lucy works on horses actively racing, transitioning to a new sport horse career, and OTTBS that found their calling in a variety of disciplines. She also manages horse care at Brownsboro Farm owned by Dinwiddie Lampton, who’s silks she’s representing at the event. Brownsboro Farm is home to many thoroughbreds who have found their second calling fox hunting and eventing. Dinwiddie rode many steeplechase races in the green and white silks. Lucy is proud to represent a farm that embodies the love of thoroughbred horses - on and off the track.

Current Job: Equine therapist

Company: Bottom Line Integrated Bodywork, LLC


Horse Lifetime PPs

Real Rider Cup Mount

Brownsboro Farm Silks

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: Backside Beauties

Horse: Sounds About Right

Sex: gelding

color: Bay

Age: 6

Horse Barn: Cinco

Racing Stable: Annie Navarette

Total Donations$1640
Hallie Carman$25
McKenzie Ragan$20.00
Dale Herink$25.00
Ken Parket$30.00
Laura Wilhem$50.00
Kathleen Reed$50
Hannah Sandwick$20.00
Sue Sylvester$50.00
Heather Hoeppner$100.00
Tracy Scott$100.00
Tanya BeGole$100
Tom Hoeppner$100
Megan Stackhouse$20.00
Shannon Breit$100.00
Bottom Line Integrated Bodywork, LLC$700.00
Tonya McKinney$50.00
Anna Kjellstrom$100.00