Coming from Denmark, I’ve been obsessed with horses my entire life, but I was not introduced to the racing industry until my senior year of college. Slowly, but surely, while working in several areas of horse racing, I fell in love with the athleticism of the Thoroughbred and dove head first into OTTB ownership. Since then I’ve spent many years transitioning OTTBs into their new careers and I love to figure out what their calling is after retiring from the track. I met my amazing Thoroughbred, Max Q, while working at Margaux farm and I’ve loved keeping Jim and Sue Hill involved in his life as a sport horse. We currently compete at Novice level eventing and we have qualified for the American Eventing Championships in August ! My favourite part about competing with a Thoroughbred is proving that the breed can be competitive against purpose bred breeds, and Max is definitely a great ambassador of that !

Horse Lifetime PPs

Real Rider Cup Mount

RRC Lexington Event:

Team Name: Margaux Team

Horse: Max Q

Sex: gelding

color: Grey

Age: 8

Horse Barn: Max

Total Donations$1900
Kerri Montgomery$100.00
Bonni Potter$50
Bennett Adkins$50
Jim & Susan Hill$800
Erika Berntsen$50
Taylor Hall$50
Scot Duncan$500
Nate & Krissie Baily$50
Joe FE$50.00
Wes Brown$50.00
Alison Gulley$100.00
Kelly Myers$50