I am 13 years old and have been riding my whole life. I love fox hunting, show jumping, and pony racing. I will be riding Woodburner who ran on the flat and was owned and trained by Holly Robinson. He is now a fox hunter owned by Jade Hubbard.

Current Job: Student

Horse Lifetime PPs

RRC Fair Hill Event:

Team Name: Team Racing Kids

Horse: Woodburner

Sex: gelding

color: Chestnut

Age: 14

Racing Stable: Catherine H. Robinson

Total Donations$1697
Blair Wyatt$100.00
Kate Perri$50.00
Suzanna Lampton$50.00
Todd Wyatt$100.00
Stacie Eggleton$50.00
Tricia Wyatt$50.00
Nancy H. Miller$75
Jack Fisher$100
Elizabeth Carey$100
Jade Hubbard$50
Ellen Waterman$100.00
Sara Waterman$100.00
Jill Waterman$100.00
Clare Colnon$100.00
Helen Wiley$100
Mary Jo Jackson$50.00
Katherine Constable$50.00
Catherine Robinson$100.00
Nila, Grace and Lange Gaspar$25
Nagi and Sylvana Khouri$50
Gail Wofford$22.00
Will, Katie, Charlotte and Hawkins Phipps$25.00
Joseph Davies$50.00