Hi! This will be my third Real Rider Cup. I wasn’t sure I would compete again after loosing my Trey Bear, but a friend (Sabrina Morris) asked me to join her team and offered me a mount she thought would be a perfect match. Greek God is just like my young Bear was. My kind of jumper, just looking for some confidence and eager encouragement. I am excited to raise money for such a wonderful cause. So please donate, even if it’s just $5. These OTTBs deserve any help we can give them.

Current Job: Outrider

Website: Jockey_k@rocketmail.com

Horse Lifetime PPs

RRC Fair Hill Event:

Team Name: Team 1/ST Racing

Horse: Greek God

Sex: gelding

color: Bay

Age: 11

Total Donations$2850
georganne hale$50
Carol Swandby VMD$100
Mark Lapidus$850.00
Mark Lapidus$1800
Marcus Assia$50